Our Machines:

Machines for artisan gelato suitable for all, easy to use, sturdy and reliable. And with a price/quality ratio without equal in the market. Studied for performing all over the world.


All in one!

Trt E, the combined machine for gelato, solid, performing and easy to use in any part of the world

Gelato Combined Machine: TRT E

TRT E is the technology perfectly studied to produce high quality artisan gelato with a single machine in a simple manner and with significant time and space savings!

TRT E makes it possible to mix, pasteurise and batch freeze your ice cream flavours thanks to two cylinders internally connected by a duct that guarantees maximum product hygiene.

The perfect connection of the pasteurisation and the batch freezer cylinder allow continual and synchronised production: while the first mixture is batch frozen below, it is possible to pasteurise the second one and so on and so forth...

The range proposes 4 different models to satisfy all productive requirements.

Frontal panel of TRT E Easly removable Front flange TRT E

Technical features

Transparent cover for monitoring the processing phases. 

Easily removable Front flange made in a high technology heat insulating material. 

Three stainless steel mixing blades with interchangeable teeth. 

Internal passage between the tanks. 

Automatic temperature control. 

Optional accessory available for producing slush ice.

Double speed of extraction included.



Possibility of adding ingredients with each heating or batch freezing phases.

Space, investment and operating savings thanks to reduced water and electrical consumption Maximum ease of use of the machine and when loading the mixture.

Thermal shock generated by the immediate passage from 85°C to 4°C that results in perfect mixture sanitation. 

Reduced batch freezer time. 

Quick extraction system.

Maximum practicality and ease of cleaning.

Always perfect gelato structure! 

Big Junior-1-2-3-4 E

Think big!

The combined gelato machine that will surprise you with its price and production capacity

Gelato Combined Machine: BIG 1-2 E

BIG Junior E and BIG 1, 2, 3 and 4 E are the new combined machines for producing high quality artisan gelato. They optimise price, production capacity, overall dimensions and consumption without equals in the market!

An innovative technology that allows to produce 1, 2, 3 or 4 gelato basins per cycle.

Machines with limited dimensions and costs that have a production strength without equals! Besides this, they have all the advantages of a multi-function machine: a single machine that mixes, pasteurises and batch freezes thanks to two cylinders internally connected by an internal duct, which ensures maximum product hygiene.

Moreover, the perfect connection of the pasteurisation and the batch freezer cylinder allows continual and synchronised production: while the first mixture is batch frozen below, it is possible to pasteurise the second one and so on and so forth...

Stirrer detail of the top tank BIG 1-2 E Three stainless steel mixing blades BIG 1-2 Gelita

Technical features
Transparent cover for monitoring the processing phases.
Easly removable front door made of high technology heat insulating material.
Three blades stainless steel mixer (2 blades for BIG JUNIOR model) with interchangeable teeth.
Internal passage between the tanks.
Control through a basic electronic board.


Ingredients can be added anytime during the hot or cold process.
Great production capacity.
Reduced water and electrical consumption to ensure savings in terms of space, investment and operating costs.
Thermal shock by the immediate passage from 85°C to 4°C that involves a perfect mixture sanitation.
Easy to use and easy to load with the gelato mixture.
Easy to clean.
Always perfect gelato structure!

Gelita 1-2-3 E

The batch freezer without compromises

A sturdy, fast, reliable and high performance batch freezer: ice cream quality finally at everyone's reach

Gelato Batch freezer: Gelita 1-2-3 E

A high performance batch freezer that is sturdy and very easy to use with simple and immediate keys and functions. 

User-friendly in its price and ergonomics, GELITA E is without any doubts the batch freezer with the best quality-price ratio on the market. 

Optimal capacity for cooling the gelato mixture, both in terms of time and quality, thanks to a cooling system that is very powerful and technologically advanced. 

A machine that was studied to perform in any part of the world, with particular attention to the price and with the guarantee an easy availability of control spare parts.

Inverter for double speed Gelita E

Technical features

Automatic temperature control.

Hopper on loading door.

Easily removable Front flange made in a high technology heat insulating material.

Three stainless steel mixing blades.Possibility of optional accessory for producing slush ice.



Maximum ease of use of the machine and when loading the mixture.

Quick batch freezer: the machine quickly reaches -10°. 

Maximum practicality and ease of cleaning.

Operating savings thanks to reduced water and electrical consumption.

Optimal conservation and long term duration of its components.

Necessary spare parts are easy to obtain.

GEL 12

Small and productive!

An advanced batch freezer for restaurants and coffee shops, used for the production of high quality gelato and ice cream.

Gelato Batch freezer: Gel 12

Professionally designed, easy to use, only a few buttons with simple functions allow the operator to make premium batches above the market standards: artisanal gelato or ice cream is always dry, soft and creamy. Easy to transport and move to any place in your working area thanks to its compact size. The front charging hopper allows you to add the mix, flavors and ingredients during the batch. The air condenser is ready to work and doesn’t require any further settings. A high-tech piece of equipment.

Probe in direct contact with the mixture Two blade mixer

Technical features
• Charging hopper allows for a fast charge of the mix, flavors and other ingredients
• Front door made in Makrolon® (special thermal insulating material)
• Two blade stainless steel mixer with interchangeable scrapers
• Quick and easy gelato extraction
• Acoustic signal tells you when gelato is ready

• Gelato or ice cream batches produced in a very short time
• Easy to use, the machine is exceptionally functional
• Compact size, only 0,25 m2
• Electronic control of working cycle through temperatures
• Direct temperature detection with a probe in contact with the mix
• Easy and practical to clean

Pt1, 2xPt1

For a perfect pasteurization!

They pasteurize, cool and preserve with maximum efficiency and quality.

Gelato Pasteurizer PT1, 2xPt1 Gelita

Pt1 and 2xPt1 heat, cool, emulsion and preserve the mixture with maximum effectiveness and efficiency and in full respect of hygiene regulations. They are supported by a very advanced technology applied to all of their components: from the particular elliptical tank to the special central agitator - whose joint work guarantees homogeneity and total absence of lumps - up the last generation probes that check heating, cooling and maintain temperatures up to the tenth of a degree, avoiding any risk of burning or freezing and ensuring work quality even with a half batch of product.

Digital electronic board PT1, 2xPT1 Gelita Elliptical tank PT1 2xPT1 Gelita Oválna nádrž PT1, 2xPt1 Gelita

Technical features

Various work cycles (low/high pasteurization and even more…).

Digital electronic board for checking pasteurization cycles.

Elliptical tank.

Easy maintenance anti-drop nozzle.



More homogeneous mixture.

Ease of cleaning.

Water dispensing system for timed washing.

Optimal energy performance thanks to the etched foil heating elements.

Possibility of changing the mixer speed at any time.


Instantaneous and quality whipped cream!

Quality, quickness, homogeneous yield and hygienic safety.

Whipped cream machine W1 Gelita

W1 is a steel technology managed by an advanced electronic control that ensures quality, homogeneous yield and maximum hygiene.

The cream is always kept at the ideal temperature thanks to an optimal cooling system. This makes it possible to whip both vegetable and animal creams.

Besides the advantage of being connected directly to the cream package therefore without dirtying the tray.

Dispenser detail W1 Gelita Interna tank detail W1 Gelita

Technical features

Disbursement end closing valve.
Electronic temperature control.
Direct refrigeration removable tank.


Simple washing, absolute hygiene.
Perfect consistency.
Easy to set the desired volume according on your own use.
Possibility of working with sac à poché.

Softice Premium

We love gelato soft!

Versatile and intuitive, for the production of soft ice-cream, express gelato and frozen yogurt.

soft ice.cream machine

Machine with electromechanical control available as counter top version (1 flavour) or floor standing version (twin flavours).
Great performances, extremely easy to use and multiple functions for the production of soft ice-cream, express gelato and frozen yogurt to be served in fanciful single portions or into appetizing cones or cups.
Softice allows you to set and adjust through its buttons the different modes of operation of the machine: simple mixing, normal functioning, conservation. It is also equipped with a device to indicate when the product is ready for extraction and with a mixture reserve indicator... for a versatile and intuitive machine!

Frontal panel of Softice Ice-cream extraction block

Technical features

Air regulation from 1 to 9 available on the pump

Control by basic electronic board

Tank with stirrer

Setting of the range of the movement

Product thickness adjustment available

Hi-tech plastic material gears



Wide range of choice and adjustment of the overrun of the product

Simple and intuitive controls

Guarantee of fluid and mainly uniform product

Adjustment of the load of the gelato in extraction

Different thickness settable in accordance with the mixture used

It ensures a high quality structure and a regular overrun


Everybody scream for Ice Cream!

A fast, reliable and high-performing batch freezer for a perfect high overrun Ice Cream


Ice Cream 2 is the high overrun batch freezer for production of  the famous American Ice Cream. The best and most reliable solution to obtain a creamy, soft and scoopable ice cream, even with low temperatures. Designed for those who want to catch the customers attention with a fresh and frothy product.

UPPER FUNNEL: for an easy mixture loading into the freezing cylinder; to keep a better cleaning of the working lab


PLASTIC POLYMER EXTRACTION DOOR: high insulating material to avoid cold dispersion; maximum hygiene


CONTROL PANEL: easy-to-use control board to select the desired extraction temperature based on the type of mixture; equipped with a dedicated program to optimize the product overrun; equipped with a buzzer to remind the operator to eject the finished product


MIXING WHISK: Stainless steel mixing whisk to optimize the product overrun; designed to perfectly adhere to the cylinder surfaces and extract all the product


HERMETIC COMPRESSOR: simple and silent; without refrigerant leaks; maintenance-free; easy to find


GEARED MOTOR TRANSMISISON: high-efficiency gear motor designed to optimize the ratio between rotational speed and torque transmission; compact in size, low wear and easy to find; inverter for double speed available upon request


AVAILABLE ALSO WITH AIR CONDENSER: finned battery condenser using no water; equipped with high performance motor-fan; available upon request