Gelita SK is a modern company that is a highly competitive and quality player in the artisan gelato market.

A young company with very solid roots, Gelita recovers the tradition and historical tradition of the brand with the same name from the 60's that already at that time was proposing innovative machines for the ice cream world.

The company produces and sells a vast range of technologies: pasteurizers, batch freezers, multifunction and cream whipper machines. The quality of their components and their sturdiness characterises Gelita machines as faithful work companions of the artisan gelato maker throughout the entire world: both the novice and the professional can appreciate its simplicity of use, soundness, undisputable quality-price ratio, the ease with which spare parts can be purchased and the quality without equals of the resulting product.

The geographical position of Gelita SK, near Bratislava (Slovakia), makes it strategic both for European markets and those outside of Europe.


The company is constantly listening to the artisan, his needs and the realities of the market where he operates and it bases its proposal for effective, concrete and accessible technological solutions on this

Gelita SK offers an ample range of technologies brought together by a few simple criteria:


• quality-price ratio is without equal in the market
• simplicity of use
• sturdiness and maximum reliability
• product quality guarantee


Gelita: gelato quality finally at everyone's reach.