TRT is the perfect combined machine to easily produce high quality gelato saving time, space and costs. With TRT you can mix, pasteurize and batch freeze your gelato having the maximum product hygiene thanks to the thermal shock generated by the passage from 85°C to 4°C. TRT grants highest gelato drying thanks to its Made in Italy high quality components and double speed motor combined with powerful Gelita cooling system.


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Clear Upper Cover

· For an easy control of the heating phase
Machines: MOF//TRT//BIG

Upper Cylinder Stirrer

· Perfect adherence to the cylinder surfaces
· High temperature resistant, easy to remove and clean

Vertical Heating Cylinder

· High-efficiency heating system thanks to the sheet heating elements with low thermal inertia
· Adjustable temperature
· Temperature probe in direct contact with the product and calibrated with 0,1°C precision

Butterfly Valve

· Closes the internal conduit between the two cylinders
· Prevents bacterial contamination
· Self-cleaning

Plastic Poymer Extraction Door

· High insulating material to avoid cold dispersion
· Maximum hygiene

3-Blade Stainless Steel Mixer

· Helicoid shape for a perfect gelato extraction
· Stainless steel grants homogeneous chill distribution

Electronic Control Panel

· High accuracy automatic temperature control
· Easy to use

Plates Condenser

· High-performance plate heat exchanger with great water savings
· Wide water flow section to prevent limescale
· Protected by two stainless steel plates to prevent oxidation and optimize heat exchange

Evaporator Cylinder

· Monobloc stainless steel cylinder with reduced diameter and increased depth for a great exchange surface
· Multi-rings double chamber to allow a direct contact of the refrigerating gas to the cylinder
· Multi-point injection system for a better chill distribution

Semi-Hermetic Compressor

· Great power and performance at low temperature
· Easily repairable, if needed
· Special cooling system of compressor head for great duration

Air Condenser

· Finned battery condenser using no water
· Equipped with high performance motorfan
· Available upon request

Transmission With Motor, Belts, Pulleys

· Fluent and silent engine torque transmission
· Mechanical stress absorption
· Powerful and reliable double speed motor

Available W Mechanical Temp. Controllers

· High reliability electromechanical components