A high-performance and user-friendly batch freezer, with simple and immediate keys and functions. A quick and efficient batch freezer, thanks to its powerful and technologically advanced cooling system. The machines of the GEL line are designed to perform optimally under any working conditions.


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· Different mixing speeds set by the software during the cooling phase, to respect the specific characteristics of each product
· Allows making slush
· Available upon request for BIG and GEL machines

Plastic Poymer Extraction Door

· High insulating material to avoid cold dispersion
· Maximum hygiene

3-Blade Stainless Steel Mixer

· Helicoid shape for a perfect gelato extraction
· Stainless steel grants homogeneous chill distribution

Electronic Control Panel

· High accuracy automatic temperature control
· Easy to use

Plates Condenser

· High-performance plate heat exchanger with great water savings
· Wide water flow section to prevent limescale
· Protected by two stainless steel plates to prevent oxidation and optimize heat exchange

Evaporator Cylinder

· Monobloc stainless steel cylinder with reduced diameter and increased depth for a great exchange surface
· Multi-rings double chamber to allow a direct contact of the refrigerating gas to the cylinder
· Multi-point injection system for a better chill distribution

Hermetic Compressor

· Simple and silent
· Without refrigerant leaks
· Maintenance-free
· Easy to find

Air Condenser

· Finned battery condenser using no water
· Equipped with high performance motorfan
· Available upon request

Available W Mechanical Temp. Controllers

· High reliability electromechanical components