PT 1 and PT 2 heat, cool down, emulsify and preserve the mixture accordingly to hygiene regulations ensuring the highest efficiency. No risk of burning or freezing and best results guaranteed even with a half batch production thanks to the new ergonomic stirrer and elliptical tank which ensures the complete absence of lumps, with last generation probes that allow accurate temperature control up to a tenth of a degree.


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Technical Specifications

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Electronic Control Panel

· High accuracy automatic temperature control
· Easy to use

Air Condenser

· Finned battery condenser using no water
· Equipped with high performance motorfan
· Available upon request

Elliptical Tank

· Space-saving
· Perfect heat exchange
· No lumps


· High performances in mixing and suction
· Easy to remove and clean

Washing Gun

· Built-in and ergonomic washing gun for an easy and quick cleaning process

Extraction Nozzle

· Anti-drop nozzle easy to remove and clean
· No leftovers into the extraction tube