Lick it, bite it, chew it, let it melt in your mouth... however you do it, enjoy it!

Gelita IceCream2 is the high overrun batch freezer to obtain a soft and scoopable American Ice Cream, even at low temperatures.

Impress the neighborhood with a cool, delicious and trending product!

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Clear Upper Cover

· For an easy control of the heating phase
Machines: MOF//TRT//BIG

Plastic Poymer Extraction Door

· High insulating material to avoid cold dispersion
· Maximum hygiene

Hermetic Compressor

· Simple and silent
· Without refrigerant leaks
· Maintenance-free
· Easy to find

Air Condenser

· Finned battery condenser using no water
· Equipped with high performance motorfan
· Available upon request

Gear Motor Transmission

· High-efficiency gear motor designed to optimize the ratio between rotational speed and torque transmission
· Compact in size, low wear and easy to find

Mixing Whisk

· Stainless steel mixing whisk to optimize the product overrun
· Designed to perfectly adhere to the cylinder surfaces and extract all the product