Soft Ice Premium is a sturdy and intuitive soft machine suitable for the production of any type of the world-famous soft ice-cream. Available in both counter-top and floor-standing versions, with a simple design that offers maximum working comfort. Easy and quick washing and disassembling, thanks to its visible and accessible components. Customizable with colors and different logos according to the requests of each customer.

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Softice Single Hopper

· Stainless steel monobloc tank
· Suitable to maintain milk or fruit-based soft mixtures

Softice Double Hopper

· Available with double tank to double the production capacity and the options for customers

Side Collection Tank

· Studied to collect any product in excess
· Easy to remove and wash

Mixture Level Sensor

· Placed inside the tank, directly in contact with the mixture
· The machine warns the operator before the mixture is over with an acoustic alarm

Gear Pump

· Made of hi-tech plastic material
· It ensures the desired overrun thanks to the mixture air regulation control

Freezing Cylinder Mixer

· It perfectly adheres to the cylinder walls
· It ensures a perfect extraction of Soft Ice-Cream
· Easy to remove, with easy-to-install components

Softice Nozzles

· They allow you to adjust the Soft-Ice Cream quantity during the extraction phase
· Easy to remove and clean after each use
· Also available with cylindrical nozzle

Tank Mixer

· To prevent mixture separation inside the tank
· Easy to remove and clean