W1 is a steel technology managed by an advanced electronic control. It ensures quality, homogenous yield and maximum hygiene. The cream is always kept at the ideal temperature thanks to an optimal cooling system. This makes it possibile to whip both vegetable and animal creams. W1 is a perfect partner to get your gelato and pastry business become even more successful.


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Direct Cooling Tank

· Including a special pump to set the overrun level for your mousses, bavarian creams, decorations and much more
· Cream carton can be directly connected to the pump without getting the tank dirty
· Cream is always at the proper temperature, ready to be whipped

Removable Cooling Tank

· For small quantities
· Easy to install inside the tank to reduce its capacity
· Easy to remove and clean

Whipped Cream Supply Nozzle

· Stainless steel nozzle easy to remove and clean
· Suitable for decoring small cakes or gelato cups

Drip Tray

· To collect any liquid cream leftover
· For a perfectly clean working environment