PT C allows to pasteurize up to 100 lt. of mix by automatically setting the program cycles. Precise management of temperatures and uniform transmission of heat and cool keep the qualitative and nutritional properties of the product intact. Stirring system is easily removable for an easy cleaning.


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Technical Specifications

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Electronic Control Panel

· High accuracy automatic temperature control
· Easy to use

Air Condenser

· Finned battery condenser using no water
· Equipped with high performance motorfan
· Available upon request

Immersion Stirrer

· Power of 0,63 Kw
· Easily removable
· Double stirring speed

Cilindrical Tank

· Capacity up to 100 lt.
· Minimun production 50 lt.
· Optimal mix stirring

Changeable Resistances

· Quick reach of high temperatures
· Easily repairable in-house


· High performances in mixing and suction
· Easy to remove and clean

Washing Gun

· Built-in and ergonomic washing gun for an easy and quick cleaning process

Extraction Nozzle

· Anti-drop nozzle easy to remove and clean
· DIN standard attachment to connect it with other devices