MOF is your indispensable assistant in the lab. Free your creativity with a world of recipes! The experience of the R&D dept. in Italy combined with the knowledge of our pastry chefs allowed us to develop the best pastry, gelato and slush recipes. Gelita MOF is a simple and intuitive machine to use, with a constant and high-quality product result, even at half load.


Bavaroise cream
English cream
Lemon curd
Fruit jelly
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Technical Specifications

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Clear Upper Cover

· For an easy control of the heating phase
Machines: MOF//TRT//BIG

Upper Cylinder Stirrer

· Perfect adherence to the cylinder surfaces
· High temperature resistant, easy to remove and clean

Vertical Heating Cylinder

· High-efficiency heating system thanks to the sheet heating elements with low thermal inertia
· Adjustable temperature
· Temperature probe in direct contact with the product and calibrated with 0,1°C precision

Butterfly Valve

· Closes the internal conduit between the two cylinders
· Prevents bacterial contamination
· Self-cleaning


· Different mixing speeds set by the software during the cooling phase, to respect the specific characteristics of each product
· Allows making slush
· Available upon request for BIG and GEL machines

Plastic Poymer Extraction Door

· High insulating material to avoid cold dispersion
· Maximum hygiene

Electronic Control Board

· High accuracy automatic temperature control
· Easy to use

Evaporator Cylinder

· Monobloc stainless steel cylinder with reduced diameter and increased depth for a great exchange surface
· Multi-rings double chamber to allow a direct contact of the refrigerating gas to the cylinder
· Multi-point injection system for a better chill distribution